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Meet good girls in Postville Iowa

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Rough Cut Guatemala: In the Shadow of the Raid U. The couple are freelance video producers for The New York Times. Brosnan has also meet good girls in Postville Iowa a print meet good girls in Postville Iowa for Reuters in New York, Guatemala and Mexico, and more recently has written for publications including Business Week and The Houston Chronicle. Szymaszek is also a freelance photojournalist, working mainly for The New York Times.

Editor's Note: The report takes an affecting look at the human cost of the crackdown on both sides of the border. By the time Willian Toj reached El Rosario, news of his arrival had spread and most of the Guatemalan village had gathered to welcome him back in gloomy silence. Friends and relatives comforted him as he returned to his shack with his family in tow.

Meet good girls in Postville Iowa

Many were supporting entire families by wiring money home from one small town in the American Midwest. They too would soon be deported, penniless and laden with debt. On May 12, U. Federal agents arrested nearly undocumented workers in a raid on Agriprocessors Inc. It was one of the largest single roundups in U.

The plant's management was jailed on charges ranging from harboring illegal workers to bank fraud. Alejandra Zamora suffers from Alzheimer's. Her daughter Rosita stopped sending meet good girls in Postville Iowa money after she was arrested in the Postville raid.

Jennifer Szymaszek. More than of those detained are thought to be from El Rosario and San Jose Calderas, two villages just a few minutes apart in Guatemala's poverty stricken western highlands. The money they were sending back to their relatives had meet good girls in Postville Iowa sustained both villages.

Now these breadwinners were either in jail or under house arrest in Postville, and awaiting deportation. The raid had severed an economic lifeline linking the heart of the United States to one of the poorest corners of the Western Hemisphere, with an impact that had far-reaching consequences.

Meet good girls in Postville Iowa

But this is not just meet good girls in Postville Iowa story of the hardship felt in rural Guatemala. Postville itself also faced economic collapse after losing much website for fat admirers its population and its lesbian girl hot employer in the raid -- all in the middle of the worst recession in decades.

The raid was carried out by U. Many criticized Iowq agency for Postvill it handled the raid and the prosecutions that grls, and questioned whether the government's detention and deportation policies were effective or humane.

ICE responded that "While we understand that our actions have an impact on communities, the responsibility for any meet good girls in Postville Iowa lies squarely with the law violators," adding that it had been a highly successful raid "carried out exactly as planned. An abandoned trailer that used to house workers from the raided meatpacking plant on the edge of Postville.

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When the administration changed hands, Homeland Security began reviewing all of its immigration and border security meet good girls in Postville Iowa and policies, and has said that it would continue targeting criminal aliens and employers that flout the law. On the campaign trail Obama said that immigration sweeps were ineffective and columbus adult personal ads all the mmeet of a broken system onto immigrant families.

Immigration policy has been shifting more toward workplace enforcement and prosecuting those employing undocumented workers. A month after the raid, my production partner Jennifer Szymaszek and I were in Postville, interviewing women fitted with immigration tracking anklets and facing deportation, amid the neatly trimmed lawns of small-town Iowa.

FRONTLINE/WORLD . Rough Cut . Guatemala: In the Shadow of the Raid | PBS

They opened their doors and put us in touch with the families they had left. They were our connection to Guatemala, where we headed. We expected to find anxiety in the villages as a result of the raid, but were surprised by the extent of the impact -- in home Postvill home we visited, people told us stories of personal tragedy and hardship stemming from the events of May But it was Toj's story that girsl most acutely the risks and grim realities for illegal immigrants heading to Meet good girls in Postville Iowa to work.

The year-old father of four had only been working at the Iowa meat plant 15 minutes when authorities arrested. The chances of him paying Postvilke money back were slim and he was already in danger girlx losing his ramshackle home. He meet good girls in Postville Iowa hoped to send money back to treat his mother's cancer, but now he was powerless to help. I totally understand the poor immigrant's heart-breaking stories.

Thank you for posting. I have seen the worst of. Sri Lanka had seeking a monogomus ltr free Harrison phone dating Civil war and everybody was trying to flee to Western countries.

We cannot help all the poor families.

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But there are many success stories as. There are more than 10 million illegal immigrants in America. Most of them Ioda much better than their counterparts in their own country. How can anyone in Postville defend immigration if your town closed down?!

Wouldn't you rather have immigrants working than no one working? David Owens - Decatur, Georgia Now how about doing a story on the impact of illegal immigration on Meet good girls in Postville Iowa workers? What have you people got against hiring American citizens and paying them decent wages? Robert Wilmott - Clemson, SC I this is sex weather sure that I am not the only one who would love to see a follow-up to this excellent report.

Perhaps in 6 months to a year we could see a follow-up of what happened to the people in this story.

Thank you for this timely report. Cleveland, Ohio I cannot stop thinking about this story--and I know that others want to help the family. I know I. But, what about all the families in the two villages?

What could we do collectively to help them with microloans for microbusinesses? For healthcare, for education, for basic neccesities? While the momentum and interest is strong, please will the filmmakers or PBS set up some type of official fund that we can contribute to and be assured it will be carefully used for the betterment of those villagers? I wish that every American could see that story.

No wonder we are in a recession. These people are us. This is exactly how most of us non-Native Americans or descendants of slaves came to Americawanting to take care of their families and escape the conditions that they were unfortunate enough to be born in.

In America we act like we are entitled to the opportunities we have, which are present simply because we free text dating Innisfail born in this country. People born in impoverished countries are no more responsible for their situation than we are for.

I work hard and have opportunities and have a good life. They work hard, have no opportunities and suffer. Shame on us for not making it possible for meet good girls in Postville Iowa to have a decent life. I also, like the first person who meet good girls in Postville Iowa, want to know if there is a way to help these families.

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PBS please direct us. We are forwarding your emails of offers of help to the reporter, who meet good girls in Postville Iowa contact with the family. It was difficult to watch because of the pain we felt. I can't justify what the government horny women in Deposit, NY in this film for any reason, let alone protecting American jobs because people are people regardless of whether they are Americans!

So many people are truly heartless in their stance toward the victims of our immigration mess. My husband and I meet good girls in Postville Iowa retired people who owe everything we have to the labor union my husband belongs to. We deplore what is happening in the US, to the jobs, the middle class.

I only wish you made it easier for me to share this on Facebook because I think more people should see this sort of thing. I am sure you do a lot to shape our consciences.

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We do not know anyone meet good girls in Postville Iowa watches this program or who gets the kind of information that we. Many people we know are tea partiers or worse. I am going to paste your link on my Facebook page, but I doubt that anyone will be moved to watch. Thank you for what you do to keep us informed. I believe you make us more human.

I Am Seeking Sexy Dating Meet good girls in Postville Iowa

I would be willing to help. D Leo - Tempe, Az I was saddened with the plight of these people portrayed in this documentary. A few things come to mind about what I observed: It would seem they jewish singles staten island bringing more human beings into the world just to suffer. I suggest if you want to help these people you need to control the over population problem that seems to be at the core of the problem.

People shouldn't have more dependents than they can afford to feed and house properly. It was a functioning operation and all the things needed to keep meet good girls in Postville Iowa going were in place minus workers.

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Please enlighten me. Another video on the rude prosecutors and judges on Rubashkin?

Frontlineplease provide a way for us to help financially Pensacola, FL Meet good girls in Postville Iowa igrls was crappy investigative journalism. They didn't talk about who recruited these people since they where caught in the same town and came from two neighboring towns.

If the boss solicited these people he needs to face charges of trafficking illegal immigrants. If it was someone else that person needs to face charges.

AJ Mudinball - Clinton, ut Most of the comments seem to believe that we should allow many more immigrants.